Annoying things people do with their smartphone

Today’s high tech world, every one wants to be updated and get connected with everyone. And smartphone plays vital role in this and help to get it connected with around world. But there are lot of annoying thing people do with their smartphone which is quite irritating

Here are most Annoying things people do with their smartphone

Talking with loud sound in Public place:

Peoples are carrying his/her phone everywhere and it is quite common for us to getting call in public place. But there are number of people who speak on phone in loud noise which is not creating disturbance to others. But also not create good impression s. You might be in Bus, metro or may be some other vehicle and there are lot of person is travelling too along with you. Many of them are trying to take nap or may be sitting quietly or doing some other stuff. So speak louder  in public place not good hobbit.

Not answer phone while it ringing:

I have noticed that some people are not answer phone.  and even do not keep in silent mode when they are getting call. I really do not understand either they like to hear ringtone or they want to just disturb others. Some time it’s quite horrible to bear this.


Stuck his eyes in Mobile screen:

You must have seen many peoples who are so engaged to do work in mobile phone and they just completely stuck his eyes into mobile screen. It does not matter what is happening around them. They just completely concentrate on screen. you Guys must have gonna through situation like when you are walking in crowded places and want to cross road . Then you find person who create obstacles in path. Because he is moving in slow speed while typing on screen and not allowing others to cross road and cause create jam situation.


Pull out Phone in middle of Conversation:

If you want to communicate with someone in one to one form. Then both persons have to put some attention while listing and talking with other each one and need to turn off phone or may keep it aeroplane mode. But there are some exception who just pull out his phone in middle of conversation & transform his attention from discussion to Mobile screen. one person completes his speech but on the other side person even does not get the point what person has told to him.


Listing loud music:

Some people use his phone like boom box speaker & start to listen music on Loudspeaker. It does not only create sound pollution but also not good for ears & might be cause of ear diseases like hearing loss etc.  People completely just forget to remember they are in Public space & start to do unethical behavior with it


Sending multiple messages:

When we are talking with someone by sending message then we need to follow some protocol. But when people just forget about it and start to sending multiple message with different phrase or may be different sentence but the meaning of sentences are same. Then it makes situation so worse because on the other end people are engaged to delete messages.

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