Freedom 251 announced to deliver most affordable phone.

In India, Most of the people must have heard about the Freedom 251. Yes it is the same company who is offering Smart Phone in just Rs. 250. This company has offered this scheme in month February 2016. Due to this Unbelievable Price tag, they have been received so much registration request. And due to that many of user was not able to reach out them. Apart from this up and down Ring Ball Company has received around 7 crore registration.

There was lot of rumors spreading across the people minds because no one was believing that they would be make really cheapest smart phone in such price where if we want to buy smart phone cover then it would not be comes in this price rate :).

But after long delay, The Ring ball has finally ended all the rumors against them and delivered first slot of 5,000 Unit last month. They have announced on Monday that they are planning to dispatch approx 65,000 more freedom 251 Smartphone phone across India. Now they are using draw system to dispatch the phone to users.But They have selected the 2 lakhs users from more than 7 crore registered user on the bases of Lucky draw.But during this process according to CEO of Ringing ball Company said that they also trying to ensure that the phone has to reach to each & every state of India. This thing helps the people to get to know about it so keeping this thing in mind they are planned to select the person in state wise.

As company providing freedom 251 in Cash on delivery mode with additional some charges for home delivery that charge would be normal approx Rs 40. So user has to pay the amount only once the Phone reach to them

Company have also mentioned after delivering first batch they have got the good response from the Customer and trying to maintain same trust & relation with them. Ring ball has also introduced two new smart phone Ringing bell Elegance & Ringing Bell Elegant.

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