Instagram hides message and move it to secret inbox

There are millions of Instagram users who are accessing and continuously getting messages, images a lot more on daily bases. But there are few messages which are sending from one end & even delivered from them. But we do not get this or we just skip out some important message. So we can easily get all those hidden message by just checking inbox tab. We can easily track all our hidden messages and reply them by just checking inbox.It is quite easily to find hidden messages in instagram app and take appropriate action it.


To check out do you have any hidden important messages ?????

So first of all we need to check inbox because all those hidden message reside in inbox and we can access it from just at the right top of the app.


Instagram hides message

Once you tap on inbox icon then it would be direct to inbox screen and show all your message. If you have any message  then there is one little blue bar appear just top of your inbox and saying you have “ message request  “ .


Instagram hides message

You just need to simply tape to blue bar and it would redirect you to another inbox with your message request. There is probability that these message from the people you do not follow according to instagram. You can easily see text on this screen like “These are from people you don’t follow,” according to Instagram. “They’ll only know you’ve seen their request if you choose Allow.”


Instagram hides message

Probably on this screen section you can easily read the content of message by just taping on it & and you can send reply to the user and take screen shot of message as well too. Or else if  you do not want to do anything with it then you can simply just delete it.


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