Action game:- list of top ranked PC games ever

Every year many of the game has been lunched but among them there are few games which  are placed in the list of Top ranked PC games ever. Here are top 10 games which was  might be released in  nineteens but still they have been maintained their craziness in people minds.


Top ranked PC games ever :- Image of Counter strike


Counter Strike: – This game is totally action pack and it was released nearby 2000. This action games is basically fight between two side one sides is group of terrorist who always tries to capture hostage, planned bombing, etc and other side counter terrorist who help to rescue hostage & fight with them. Even after decade this Game has been maintained his popularity and famous worldwide. And reason for putting this game in  Top ranked PC games ever list due to his popularity which makes the players addicted to them. This fighting game available on all platforms like Windows, Play station 3, Linux etc & players who are sitting in different part of country and able to play this game online which makes more interesting to face off different challengers.

Top ranked PC games ever :- Image of Sanadries

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: – – It is most popular store based action games which gives the feel to player like they are Mafia and fighting with corrupt officer and other gangster.Game comes with different location where player get the chance to ride on bike, drive car, jump in river and in the whole game player pick the various ammunition like handgranat ,guns, rifles etc.


Image of mario

Mario: – It is old time classic games where little short men jump all the time to cross the huddle & try to rescue princes from the bad boy.  Entire stage Mario character gets the bonus by breaking bricks or squeezing bugs.  At early state, Mario didn’t have very fantastic graphic comes with very animated songs. This game was released in 1981 and after that company has been made various changes to make it more effective.


The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: – This action game was released in Japan and North America in 1998. In the game, Player moves in Open world environment to travel to different places. Basically player has power to control the link in land of hyrule. Player can travel through the time and use the different fighting instrument like sword, bomb to fight with enemy.


Image of Contra

Contra: – This is fighting adventure game where two players can simultaneously play game. Player get the different weapons throughout games and cross various huddle like forest, sea, dangerous animals on the other end bad boys comes with different arms and try to get him down before reaching to boss.


Image of Half Fight

Half-Life:- Most of the person engage to make fighting games, or may be story based game but this game comes on science -fiction based and released by Valve L.L.C. Actually it is first person shooter games who want to perform combat task. Game does not have level and it comes with chapter to proceed further for task.


Image of Street Fighter

Street Fighter II: – This game was released by arcades in 1991 and has various world warriors’ character. There are number of character available just like other games and each warrior has some different unique quality. Player gets the three round fights and after winning two round players declared to be winner. Apart from this player gets the reward point as well. After every third match player also get the chance to increase bonus by fighting bonus stage.


Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII: – Final Fantasy was developed by Square and released for Play station platform. This game comes with three major parts: – Over world area where player feel 3D environment & moves across different location by foot or airship, may be sea vessel. Then there is field map where player enter into 2D scale and feel like they are playing in real world location like City, forest etc. Player does fight with enemies and earn the points, things etc after winning game.


Metal Gear Solid


Metal Gear Solid: – Konami Computer Entertainment Japan was introduced this game in 1998. This game is totally action pack game and fighter goes through various location like underground, desert, field etc. Fighter must go through protagonist, Solid Snake without capture by Enemies. Player tries much technique to save himself from Enemies eyes by crawling, hiding behind the boxes, walls.


Image of Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger:- This is another game published by square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. Game was fully loaded with normally character and they comes in the path of the player to abstract them. Player gets the point after hitting enemies. Player is walking in different places like forest , cities , sea.


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