User needs to know Top 10 important Google URL.

Top Most Important Google URL


Google is search engine But if you talking about the use it plays vital role in our life directly or indirectly. If anyone wants to know about anything need to go to Google first where he must get the result. Apart from this Google facilitate different tools to make user live more easy.There are number of  important Google URL which should be in pocket of every Google Users which is help the users to use different tools provided by the Google.

Let talk about these:

1) This Important Google URL helps to customize the preference of ads which comes to your pages. It is all about your interest what you want to see or not. By using this URL you can make choice about add which would be visible on your page, Google always think about user and try to maintain user interest. You can put your age , interest and other relevant details for Google to filter Ads and provide relevant which is requested by you


2) This URL helps us to take backup of all your relevant data which is available on Google. By using this URL you can take archive of your date and select the option whether you want to download the archive type in .zip, .tgz, tbz format once you do this stuff you get the Link for downloading your date from Google and store it to your local system. There is number of option available for storing your data either you can get it through Email Link , Drop box, Google drive or Microsoft One drive.

3) Next URL which provide all your history of your search. This URL helps to track the activity of search & provide the all details about it.


4) By using this URL User can create new Email ID. This page comes with form which asks personal information about you and after entering all mandatory details it will redirect you to newly created Email account. For accessing Google different tools, it is quite necessary to have account which can be done with the help of below mentioned URL.


5) Suppose you just forget your password and want to retrieve it then at that time this URL which help you to do this. This Important Google URL retrieves the details which you put on Chrome or any android for accessing any website.


6) By using this URL you can request to Google to remove the content which might be not good according to you. Google team do the work on it and take appropriate action against the website. This URL helps to report the complaint against the website which is using content without any permission

7) Google has some defined policy for account and if any user does not follow this policy then Google takes appropriate action against them. So there is policy if any user is not logging his or her Google account for long period of time might be 9 month then account would be automatically gets inactive

8)  Google is providing high quality security features for the users account. This helps to track the users logging information and other details like IP , device used for logging etc Suppose if you think someone tries to logging on         your account then you can easily track the location IP , device which use to logging in account. This Helps the user to do verification by using 2 step verification which send the code to mobile to make sure the correct user can access the account.


9)This URL is most important in all of them because if someone stolen you credential and access your account then by using URL you can change your admin Password by providing.


  • First Enter your Email address then it
  • Then create your CNAME record for your domain
  • Then the Google will reset the process of password initiated

Probably it takes 48 hours to complete the task and your password will be reset & then Password information will be sent to Email ID.

10) Google help the users to find out the product which is available for sell online. It helps the user to compare the price or find out the product categories wise etc

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