Olympic 2016 : Tourist attractions in rio de janeiro

Rio de janeiro is always be most popular spot among Traveler all times and but after Getting opportunity to hosting 2016 Olympics games.  Due to that  traveler moving toward to this most beautiful and exotic location to explore and support their nation in Olympic games. But Most of person who is coming to Rio they are confused  and have number of question what to do in rio , what to see in rio I think which is common. Few are most Tourist attractions in rio de janeiro for  Olympic 2016.

Here are  Olympic 2016  Tourist attraction in rio de janeiro 

Sugarloaf Mountain

Image of Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil

Sugar loaf Mountain is situated in Rio de Jenerio, Brazil and most attraction spot for foreign visitors . Most of People from all over the world come here for visiting this giant Sugarloaf  Mountain. It rising 396 Meter above the harbor.This mountain got his name in 16th century by Portuguese during heydays of sugar cane trade in Brazil. This mountain was situated with Guanabara Bay and also associated with Atlantic Ocean. Visitor can take cable car from Praça General Tibúrcio to Morro da Urca and from here people can visit all the part of location.


Image of Arpoador Beach Ipanema-

Every year after making successfully spot in top beaches in world now this is most favorite destination for tourist in Rio. RIO is basically surrounded by Mountain, sea etc.But there is most famous and well organized beach in RIO is Ipanema. This beach situated in south zone city of RIO de janerio and lies between leblon & arpodar. There is song which was writing by Antônio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes which makes this beach to become popular “The Girl form Ipanema”.


Cristo Redentor

Image of Cristo Redentor

On this place, there is one big statute of Jesus Christ. This statue weights 635 tons and 625 long and it is located at Corcovdo Mountain in Tijuca forest national park. It looks like Jesus is looking everything from this place and spreading Christianity message across the world and due to this giant statue So RIO gets his iconic symbol and tourist attracted toward here. Statue was created by French sculptor Paul Landowski and built by the engineer Heitor da Silva Costa Brazil in collaboration with the French engineer Albert Caquot.


Botanical Gardens – Preserving Rio’s Ecology

Image of botanical gardens rio de janeiro brazil

This Botanical garden is just 15 to 20 min journey away from Ipanema and house of more than 6500 kind of species which is distributed 54 hectares area. Botanical Gardens – Preserving Rio’s Ecology was established in 1808 by the king of John VI. Apart from this garden included number of monuments, historical artifact, archaeological


Image of Copacabana

This is another highly popular exotica location in Rio and gets famous due beautiful beach spots. It has around 4 km long balneario beach which is most beautiful and top beaches in world. Copacabana beach organized plays for millions of reveller at the time of New Year celebration. If you talking about atmosphere people everything is quite good. On the left side of Copacabana beach is pointing toward the Sugarloaf and Fort Duque de caxics .There are number of games which is hosting by people or government beach volleyball apart from this locals are too fascinated to make mussels and you can find them everywhere nearby beaches

Tijuca Forest

Image of tijuca6

People who love to do adventure they can try variant option like they can do hiking, climbing, Para Gladding etc. This forest claimed to be the world largest Urban forest which is covering around 32 KM area. Tijuca is home of different kind of species and animals plants etc. Apart from this Forest consist more than 30 waterfalls like Cascatinha which also center of attraction for tourist. Tourist can hire vehicles to take forest tour

Escadaria Selarón

Image of Escadaria Selaron

There was one painter Jorge Selarón who was stated to do renovation on steps which was going toward to his house. Later on his act turned to his obsession but after some time he was out of money and wanted to do complete his dream. So he was sold out his painting to get money and complete his project. Due to this reason Escadaria Selarón also known as ‘ Selaron Steps’. Visitors come here to see this master art.

 National Historical Museum

Image of national museum rio

Museum was established in 1922 to preserve Brazil history. Museum has collection of more than 350000 items including largest numismatic and number of collection from Latin American. There are number of item which gives the history of Brazil. Museum was decorated and maintained beauttifully  and available for the visitors to comethere and take look into history

Santa Teresa

Image of Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa is another city which is located near to Rio. Basically it is hot spot for artiste and art studios, bars, restaurant etc. Its neighborhood cobbled streets are lined up with finest master piece art of colonial architecture. And if you are food lover then it would be best place to taste local cuisine. So you can find best dishes from across the Brazil over here. This place just kind of heaven for Musical lover because you can find music and artiste everywhere


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